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2015 Insurance Awards

The insurance program is an integral part of Father McGivney’s vision for the Knights of Columbus, and its continued success is due to outstanding performances by our general agents and field agents.

These men provide top-rated life insurance products as devoted and concerned brothers, professionally trained to serve Knights and their families. They are second to none in their willingness to help a fellow member learn how the Knights of Columbus can protect him and his family.

Annually, the board of directors recognizes the two leading general agents and field agents for their sales and service during the preceding calendar year.


The two leading general agents of 2014 were: Michael Rodriguez of Puerto Rico and Sergio Urrutia of Florida. Michael finished the year at 336 percent of quota with a volume per member of $11,162.30. His agency’s total gross volume was $47,663,000. Sergio achieved 208 percent of quota with a volume per member of $7,223.69. His total gross volume was $91,358,000.

The general agents who, with Michael and Sergio, were our top managers in 2014 were:

Top General Agents
General Agent/Jurisdiction Percent of Quota Volume/Member Gross Volume

Ben Baca (California/Hawaii)

201.90 $9,776.20 $192,337,000

Marc Bouchard (Alberta)

190.93 $15,990.90 $284,814,000

Kevin Pfeifer (Nebraska)

172.62 $11,026.45 $184,252,000

Anthony Swanson (Nebraska)

168.11 $10,009.79 $83,852,000

Richard Lee Wah (British Columbia)

156.90 $11,074.46 $124,333,000

Sonny Sangemino (Ontario)

154.63 $7,040.59 $66,780,000

Steven Owens (California)

154.21 $7,832.74 $72,962,000

Daniel Duval (Ontario)

152.04 $5,762.87 $56,407,000


Our leading field agents in 2014 were Ronald Sandoval Sr. of the Baca Agency in California and Ronald “Joe” Sandoval Jr., also of the Baca Agency in California.

Ronald attained 520 percent of quota with a volume per member of $14,053.25 and a total gross volume of $16,625,000. Joe reached 518 percent of quota with a volume per member of $16,750 and a total gross volume of $14,606,000.

Rounding out the 2014 list of top 10 producers were:

Top Producers - Field Agents
Field Agent/Jurisdiction Percent of Quota Volume/Member Gross Volume

Mark Deaton (Rangel Agency - Texas)

473.56 $24,283.72 $20,884,000

Robert Abbate (ChoateAgency - Virginia)

467.70 $22,795.12 $38,273,000

John Day (Willis Agency - Louisiana)

424.01 $11,131.93 $10,041,000

Chad McAuliff (Pierce Agency - Oklahoma)

412.90 $21,269.04 $17,313,000

John Cesta (Urrutia Agency - Florida)

403.54 $15,725.94 $12,911,000

Daniel Gimpel (Sangemino Agency - Ontario)

402.06 $10,699.36 $10,036,000

James White (Urrutia Agency - Florida)

398.74 $7,561.74 $7,471,000

Roberto Martinez-Mojica (Rodriguez Agency - Puerto Rico)

388.80 $14,042.48 $7,934,000


Achievement Award

The Achievement Award is presented to all managers and agents who meet or exceed 100 percent of their assigned quota for the calendar year. In 2014, 37 general agents and 352 field agents earned this honor.

Agency Incentive Award

Top-producing general and field agents earn a trip as an incentive award at the end of each year. The 2014 trip was to Portugal and Spain, and included a special pilgrimage to Fatima. Taking the trip were 42 general agents and 178 field agents, along with their wives.

Supreme Knight's Sales Club

In 2014, the top 21 general agents and top 92 field agents were recognized as members of the Supreme Knight’s Sales Club. Four general agents have qualified for this recognition for more than 20 consecutive years.