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Solidarity | Resolutions of the 133rd Supreme Convention

Resolution No. 356


      WHEREAS, Christians are suffering violent persecution around the world, especially in Iraq and Syria, as a result of sectarian violence and civil war; and

      WHEREAS, the number of Christians in Iraq once numbered over 1 million, but has now dwindled to an estimated 300,000 as the result of violence and armed conflict; and

      WHEREAS, the four-year civil war in Syria has led to the death of 220,000 people, the displacement of 7.5 million, and caused 3.9 million refugees to flee the country, including many Christians; and

      WHEREAS, many nations have remained largely silent in the face of unspeakable violence and persecution; and

      WHEREAS, Pope Francis has urged the international community to respond to this immense humanitarian tragedy; and

      WHEREAS, Pope Francis has spoken of the significant contributions Christians have made to the Middle East and the importance of their continued presence in the region; and

      WHEREAS, the Knights of Columbus established the Christian Refugee Relief Fund in 2014 and has since delivered nearly $3 million in aid to displaced Iraqi and Syrian Christians and other persecuted religious minorities.

      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Knights of Columbus stands in solidarity with all those Christians around the world who are suffering from violent persecution; and

      FURTHER RESOLVED, that we commend the Kurdistan Regional Government and nations of Jordan and Lebanon for protecting those seeking refuge from persecution in Iraq and Syria; and

      FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Knights of Columbus pledges to continue to provide assistance to those who have been victims of crimes against humanity, especially those Christians who have been violently persecuted because of their faith.