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Amendment | Resolutions


Amending Section 128 of the Laws of the Order

      WHEREAS, Section 128 of the Laws requires that officers of subordinate councils be elected annually at a regular business meeting held between May 15 and June 15 of each year; and

      WHEREAS, due to scheduling conflicts involving members, officers, and District Deputies, many councils have experienced difficulty in holding elections at a regular business meeting within this one-month period of time; and

      WHEREAS, expanding the period of time within which councils may hold elections will enhance participation in those elections,

      NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that in order to provide more time for councils to hold elections, the first sentence of Section 128 should be amended as follows:

"All officers, except the Financial Secretary, Lecturer and Chaplain, shall be elected annually, by ballot, at a regular meeting held between the fifteenth first day of May to and including the fifteenth day of June each year, and with the exception of the Trustees who shall serve for terms not to exceed three years as provided by Section 145, said officers shall hold their offices for the term of one year from the first day of July following and until their successors are elected and qualified.”