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St. Joseph Council 8872
Colbert, Washington
Helping a Parish Family Through the Impact of Cancer

When 12-year-old Gregory Morrow, an altar server at Council 8872’s home parish, was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, Gregory’s mother left her job in order to care for her son.

Gregory’s mother faced his extensive medical expenses on her own, the boy’s father having committed suicide several years prior. Since she no longer had a job, she realized the only way to manage this was to sell their family home. However, before this could be done, she desperately needed assistance making home repairs, as Gregory's older brother, who struggles with drug addiction, had damaged the property.

Council 8872 came to the rescue. Knights evaluated the home, solicited donations and discount supplies from local retailers, and personally made the repairs. They replaced floors and windows, painted rooms and siding, landscaped the yard, stained the outdoor deck and graveled the driveway. Thanks to the Knights’ repairs, the house’s final sale price exceeded its original estimated market value by more than $75,000.

The council didn’t stop there. The Knights organized a pig roast, which brought in $20,000. The council used these funds to cover the final costs of the home repairs and gave the remaining $16,000 to Gregory’s family. Finally, members of the council helped the family move into a new home.