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Culture of Life Activities

Western Batangas Council 4668
Balayan, Batangas, Luzon South
Expectant Mother's Day

After recognizing the lack of support for pregnant women in their local community, members of Council 4668 proposed the Expectant Mother’s Day. Once the state officers unanimously approved the unique new project, council members began donating their time and talents to help.

The Knights assembled and distributed care packages, each containing seven items of use to expectant mothers in need of support. These packages included a referral for a free ultrasound; feeding bottles; vouchers for pregnancy consultations; prenatal vitamins; a documentary film on child development and pro-life issues; and a talk on women and children’s rights.

In order to prepare these packages, the council had to work with doctors and vendors in the local community, including a pro-life gynecologist who agreed to provide free ultrasound examinations and consultations, as well as medical care and advice throughout each pregnancy. In addition, knowing that many of the expectant mothers were in violent situations, Council 4668 arranged for a police officer and a registered nurse to discuss their legal and medical rights, and those of their children.