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The Domestic Church: What It Means For Your Councils

As part of the Building the Domestic Church initiative, councils have been asked to support families and their local parishes. While some officers have expressed concerns about the level of involvement such an initiative requires, you can begin supporting your parish in just a few easy steps.

First, read the materials on the initiative, especially the Building the Domestic Church: The Family Fully Alive (#10162) family prayer program and the supreme knight’s columns in the December, January and February issues of Columbia.

Second, meet with your pastor to discuss the initiative, explaining how your council’s goal is to meet the needs of the parish. Be open to new ideas and opportunities that your pastor may have for your council. If your pastor is not your council chaplain, be sure that your chaplain joins you for this meeting.

Last, schedule regular appointments with your pastor to keep him informed about updates to Domestic Church materials and to continually demonstrate your council’s availability and flexibility in serving the parish.

For more information, visit kofc.org/domesticchurch.