Coats for Kids

Coats for Kids


Did you know many children throughout the United States and Canada go without a coat each winter? Many low-income families use their scarce resources to meet the most basic essentials and they need help to provide this vital winter necessity.

That’s why the Knights of Columbus developed the Coats for Kids program, which allows councils across North America the opportunity to purchase new winter coats for children at a discount and to distribute them to children in need in their local communities.

Through our Coats for Kids program, 1,780 local councils distributed 87,906 coats to children in need throughout the United States and Canada in 2016. Since the program began in 2009, nearly 400,000 coats have been distributed.

How It Works

Every Knights of Columbus council is eligible to participate in Coats for Kids. Coats can be purchased at a cost of US$220 per case of 12 (including shipping) for orders shipped to addresses in the continental United States, and US$245 (including shipping) for orders shipped to Canada and other addresses outside the continental United States.

This Fraternal year a limited supply of teen cases for boys and girls will be available with an assortment of sizes ranging from small to extra-large, for 8th grade through high school. Because the coats are for older teens and are larger than coats for children, they cost more than the cases of coats for children. The size distribution in the teen cases will be adult range: four size small, four size medium, two size large, and two size extra-large. Coats can be purchased for $288 per case of twelve (includes group shipping only) for orders shipped to addresses in the continental United States, and $313 US Dollars (including ground shipping only) for orders shipped to Canada and other addresses outside the continental United States. All Coats should be ordered on Knightsgear.

Pope Francis put it in perspective when he said “true charity requires courage: let us overcome the fear of getting our hands dirty so as to help those in need.” With the help of Knights of Columbus councils, you can use this program to make a difference for children in need.


To learn more contact the Fraternal Mission department at (203) 752-4270 or

Action Steps

To organize a successful Coats for Kids distribution:

  1. Consider appointing a Coats for Kids chairman or assigning the task to the community activities chairman for the council.
  2. Contact the state council to learn if there is a state chairman who is responsible for coordinating a statewide coat drive, and determine how your council, assembly or circle can support the drive.
  3. Councils hosting their own coat drive should decide on a location and time to host the event. Consider inviting local veterans, athletes, TV personnel, local fire and police department, and parish priest.
  4. Make sure that you order enough coats by contacting your local human services agencies, parishes and schools to get a list of children in need of a coat.
  5. Order Coats through Knights Gear. For assistance, contact (203)752-4270.
  6. Publicize the event through local media and through the same human services agencies, parishes and schools you are serving.


  • How do I order coats?

    Councils should order their children’s coats through Knights Gear. For assistance contact 203-752-4270.

  • How much does a case of coats cost? How much is shipping?

    A case of coats for standard and small size coats are US$220 when to the United States or US$245 when shipped to Canada. The teen coats are US$288 when shipped to the United States or US$313 when shipped to Canada. There is no additional shipping cost for either cases.  

  • How many coats are in a case?


  • Do cases come with a mix of boys and girls? Can I customize my case? Is there a mix of styles?

    Cases come with either all-boys’ or all-girls’ coats, each with a diverse assortment of sizes. We cannot mix boys’ and girls’ coats together and we cannot customize your order based on style preference. However, please note that when multiple cases are ordered, each case will contain a different style than the last.

  • What sizes do the coats come in?

    A standard case of coats comes in a variety of sizes. Please see the provided chart.

  • Can I get a case of just smaller coats for toddlers? What sizes?

    Yes, we have cases of smaller-sized coats available. Please see the provided sizing chart.

  • How does shipping work? How long does delivery take?

    Shipping takes two to three weeks from the date of order. Small orders come via UPS, large orders come via freight truck. Tracking information will be emailed upon shipment.

  • My C4K order is lost, damaged, or it did not arrive. How do I track my order?

    If the order was placed through Knights Gear, call Knights Gear customer service at 1-855-GEAR-KOC (855-432-7562). If a Supreme Council staff placed the order, call (203) 752-4270.

  • What are my payment options?

    Councils can pay with a check, credit card, or chargeback. You can send a check directly with your order to the Supreme Council headquarters. If you order through Knights Gear you can pay by credit card or use the chargeback function, which allows you to put the bill on your council’s monthly statement.

Size Chart

Coat Sizes

Parenthesis = Number of coats in that size

Standard Prepacks:

Boys Girls
(2)8 (4)7/8
(4)10/12 (6)10/12
(4)14/16 (2)14/16

Small Size Prepacks:

Boys Girls
(2)4 (2)4
(6)6 (6)5/6
(4)7 (4)6X

Teen Size Prepacks:

Boys & Girls
(4) Small
(4) Medium
(2) Large
(2) X-Large

Support Materials

Coats Flow Diagram

To assist your council in organizing the Coats for Kids program, the following materials are available from the Supreme Council.

Printed Materials
Item Form #
Coats for Kids Flyer (limit of 50) 10503