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Deep within each man is a call to something greater. When you join the Knights of Columbus, you'll have access to our exclusive online portal that will guide you in your journey to be a better man, and a better Catholic. Explore the articles below and get a look at some of the resources you’ll receive as a Knight.

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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Dads

St. Benedict has a practical rule for you and your family. READ>

7 Radical Catholic Beliefs

Careful, these could get you in trouble one day READ>

3 Steps to Manly Virtue

Virtue should be integral to who you are, fundamental to your identity as a man. So you need to ask yourself: Where is virtue in my daily life? READ>

Don't CrowdFund

When crowdfunding was the latest thing sweeping the internet, it looked like the answer to every fundraising problem, with anyone from anywhere able to donate to a project or cause online. READ>

Praying as a Knight

Prayer is foundational to the practice of our faith. It is our weapon in the daily battle for our souls and the protection of our families. READ>

First, Make a First Impression

An interview on interviews with General Agent Bob Marlowe READ>

5 Facts About Mary

Where does Mary stand in your life? Does she play a major role as model and intercessor, or do you feel that Mary is more for women? Do you pray the rosary or do you think it too long and repetitious? Maybe you’ve never given these issues much thought. READ>

True Charity

The meaning of charity has been constricted in our day. We usually use the word to mean donating money to those in need: I give to charity. Further, donations generally are given to a charity, a tax-exempt organization, by which we’re allowed the claim a charitable deduction on our taxes. READ>

How Works of Mercy ‘Work’

One of the challenges of being Catholic is holding on to the meaning of a word even when it has changed in popular usage. Elsewhere we talk about the how words like love and charity have been diminished. Similarly, the word “mercy” has been softened in common parlance to mean letting someone off the hook or expecting so little from others that few could fail. READ>