Christian Refugee Relief

Christian Refugee Relief

A Higher Purpose
Help save persecuted and at-risk Christians facing genocide all over the world, particularly in the Middle East. The Knights of Columbus strives to bring awareness and support to those who have suffered for their faith through various parish-based programs and fundraisers.

Christians are at risk in areas all around the globe. The Knights of Columbus has responded with the Christian Refugee Relief Fund, which provides humanitarian assistance, primarily in Iraq, Syria and the surrounding region. Councils will aid this cause by collaborating with their parishes to spread awareness and raise funds to help these Christians and those in their care. In particular, councils are encouraged to utilize Solidarity Crosses as a fundraiser and prayer campaign in their parishes.

Action Steps

  1. Working with your pastor, obtain his recommendations on conducting fundraising and awareness efforts to benefit Christian refugees.
  2. Set an annual goal for the council to raise for the Christian Refugee Relief Fund.
  3. Prior to each event, use the sample press release as a model to create and distribute a tailored release to local media.
  4. Build public interest for your program! Promote each event in your parish and larger community through a variety of efforts:
    • Prominently display promotional posters
    • Bulletin announcements
    • Pulpit announcements
    • Posting on your council and parish website / social media pages
  5. On the day of each event, wear Knights of Columbus-branded apparel and have the council membership director set up a table with brochures and membership documents (including Prospect Cards #921A). Do not forget that this event is a recruiting opportunity!
  6. Enlist a fellow Knight or community member to photograph your events.
  7. Once you have reached your goal, submit the funds to the Christian Refugee Relief Fund here:
  8. To gain credit for your program, complete the associated reporting forms and submit them to the Supreme Council Department of Fraternal Mission. Remember to retain copies for your council records.

Event Ideas

  • Sponsor a council dinner and breakfast following Sunday Masses and invite a speaker to talk about the history or current situation of Christians in the Middle East.
  • Ask your pastor to allow a second collection at designated weekend Masses with the funds earmarked to support Christian refugees.
  • With your pastor’s permission, distribute brochures and prayer cards following Mass or other events and collect donations from recipients.
  • Approve a council resolution specifying a percentage of proceeds from various fundraisers to be earmarked to.
  • Distribute Solidarity Crosses to those who donate a minimum of $5 to the Christian Refugee Relief Fund. These crosses were originally made by Christians in the Holy Land and all proceeds go towards their aid.


Christian Refugee Relief Resources

All supplies and kits should be ordered by your council Grand Knight or Financial Secretary using the Supplies Online application available through Officers Online. Please note that Guide Sheets, Press Releases, etc. are available below as PDFs.

  1. #10567- Christian Refugee Relief - Brochure
  2. #10340- Christian Refugee Relief - Prayer Card
  3. #10568- Christian Refugee Relief - Poster
  4. #10585 - Christian Refugee Relief - Solidarity Cross Poster
  5. #10624- Christian Refugee Relief - Guide Sheet