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One-on-One Recruiting

Sometimes, the hardest thing about recruiting is taking the first step. Recruiting a new member can be as easy as asking him to join. Amazingly, many individuals haven't joined the Knights simply because they have never been asked to join. When the opportunity arrives, take the initiative and start a conversation with a potential prospect. It’s the first step for recruiting on a one-on-one basis and can yield very positive results. 

Once a conversation begins, be confident that you will be able to answer their questions, no matter what direction the conversation will go. The Knights of Columbus, through its many programs and activities, assists individuals in so many ways that there is sure to be something that will appeal to anyone who wants to help his community, Church, or family. To ensure the best chances of recruiting a new member, refer to the checklist below.

Make sure you ask all the pertinent questions while talking with the prospect, including:

  • His complete name and address,

  • Facts about his job,

  • His parish affiliations and activities,

  • Friends he has among present council members, and

  • Information on his wife and children.

All of these facts can branch off into different areas: Knights of Columbus benefits, service projects, community involvement, or social events. Be prepared to answer any question he may ask in order to make your council look its best. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure you have all the answers and necessary materials ready at your disposal:

  • A Membership Document (#100);

  • Copies of various flyers including “Did You Know” (#1267), “The Greatness of a Man” (#4496), “Member/Spouse Fraternal Benefit” (#2773), “Family Fraternal Benefits” (#2761), and any other appropriate council publications;

  • Facts on the Order’s insurance program;

  • A clear explanation of how membership has benefited you and your family; and

  • The Order’s website so he can research more on his own.

During the home visit, review promotional materials with the prospect and his wife. Bring a recruitment video and DVD (such as Experience of a Lifetime), the above mentioned flyers, the latest issue of Columbia, council newsletters and other items of interest. 

After making the pitch and answering any questions, ask the prospect to join and assist him in completing the Membership Document (#100). The proposer should then follow through with the new member by escorting him to his First Degree exemplification and his first council meeting.

Recruiting on the personal level helps the potential member understand that you are not looking for numbers as much as you are looking for individuals like him. Let him know that he is not only wanted as a member, but that his membership can take all aspects of his life to new levels.