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How To Promote The Insurance Program

The Order was founded to provide financial security to working-class families who lost their breadwinner to premature death. Today, our greatest fraternal benefit is our top-rated insurance program. Every member should be made aware of available insurance benefits for his own well-being and that of his family. To help facilitate this, every council should:

  • Establish a good working relationship between your financial secretary and your field agent.

  • Introduce your field agent at all council meetings or events and invite him to speak.

  • Refer all insurance-related questions to the council’s field agent.

  • Send copies of all Membership Documents (#100) for new members to your general agent immediately following the First Degree.

  • Make sure the field agent is included on the council mailing list.

  • Include the field agent in all council planning sessions so he can be represented at council events when possible or appropriate.

  • Ask the insurance agent to:

    • Write a message for each issue of the council’s newsletter including his name and contact information. As an alternative, use the “Suggested Articles for Council Bulletins,” available from the Department of Field Management

    • Place a Knights of Columbus insurance advertisement in each issue of your council newsletter.

    • Serve as your council's insurance promotion chairman.

    • Serve as a trainer for your recruitment teams.

  • Conduct Fraternal Benefits Nights. Your insurance agent can obtain materials from Supplies Online.

  • Encourage all new members and their spouses to schedule an appointment to meet with the field agent.

  • Work with your field agent to attain the Founders’ Award.