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How To Recruit Using The Two-on-One Team Concept

Bringing twice the energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and persistence to any endeavor doubles the likelihood of success. That’s why 2-on-1 recruiting is the way to go.

  • Organize two-man recruitment teams from the membership committee and additional recruiters.

  • Train recruiters; ask your insurance agent to assist; show recruitment productions and order and distribute copies of the Pocket Flip Chart (#2041), and Membership Documents (#100).

  • Divide the prospect list among two-man teams.

  • Telephone each prospect to a schedule a visit with the prospect and his wife by the two-man team.

  • Conduct personal visits at the prospect’s home, emphasizing local council activities and opportunities for involvement by prospect, wife, and the entire family.

  • View the productions of Experience of a Lifetime  or Recruitment Flip Chart or use Flip Chart/Binder (#889, #889A).

  • Review promotional materials with the prospect and his wife – “As Knights we not only act on faith...” flyer (#4497), “Our Future Knights...” flyer (#9116), “The Potential of a Man...” flyer (4496), “What this organization stands for...” booklet (#4495), Member/Spouse Fraternal Benefit flyer (#2773), Columbia magazine, council newsletters, etc.

  • ASK PROSPECT TO JOIN. Assist in completing Membership Document, and collect fees.

  • Ensure prompt initiation. Inform candidate of the dates for the Admission Committee interview and First Degree.

  • Complete proposer duties:

    • Accompany the prospect to the Admission Committee interview, First Degree and council meetings;

    • Introduce prospect and his family to council members;

    • See that the prospect is assigned to committees/programs of interest;

    • Encourage prospect to complete Second/Third Degrees. Accompany him to exemplifications.