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Social Media Tips: Improving Your Facebook Presence

Facebook | Knights of Columbus

Social Media Tips: Improving Your Facebook Presence
Whether your council is just beginning its Facebook presence or looking to enhance its reach, there’s always an opportunity to improve your exposure using this social media tool. Check out the tips below for guidance as your council looks to optimize its Facebook experience.

Utilize a public page.
A public Facebook page allows your council to share its message and mission on campus, in the neighboring community and with alumni. This creates broader engagement, increased brand awareness and a more widespread network of fans and partners for your council.

Be active!
Appoint a person to your Facebook page to post regularly (at least four times per week).

Bonus tip: Simplify your life by scheduling posts ahead of time. Instead of hitting “Publish,” click the drop-down menu button, just to the right, to schedule posts later in the day, week or month.

Maintain integrity.
Content posted to your Facebook page should be appropriate and relevant to your audience. This will help build your page and council’s credibility. Original content is great, but you can also share from groups that have a mission and values similar to your own. K of C-branded sites (especially the College Councils page) are great places to look for shareable content.

Mix it up!
To keep content interesting, there should be a natural mix of photos, links, videos and text-only posts. An easy way to manage content is to take it in thirds.

  • One-third original content, created by your council specific to its needs (such as event promotions and photos).

  • One-third subject matter related to your community and campus (such as events around you that is of interest to your audience, or information about other groups, if any, that you collaborate with on campus).

  • One-third topics related to the Catholic Church (such as feast days, significant holidays, and papal news).