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Transitioning Graduating Members

Graduating Seniors

Each year college councils lose campus members to graduation. Without a sustained communication effort on the part of your council’s leadership, we risk losing touch with these valued Knights.

Graduating Senior Lists
The Grand Knight of every college council is responsible for sending the College Councils Department his council’s list of graduating members by March 1. Graduate rosters should be sent in Microsoft Excel files to college@kofc.org. Please include each member’s name, member number, home mailing address, phone number and permanent (non-school) email address.

Once the list is received by the College Councils Department, our staff will contact each graduating Knight to discuss their post-collegiate membership options and to give them a small gift as a thank you for their contribution to the college councils program.

Exit Interviews
It is strongly recommended that your council conduct brief exit interviews with each graduating member to inform the member about his options for continuing his membership after college. Council officers should also inquire about each member’s future plans, record their permanent contact information (non-school e-mail and mailing address) and encourage them to find a council as they settle in their next home.

Exit interviews and gathering updated contact information help college councils create accurate list of alumni contact information which can help drive alumni engagement. Councils should consider periodic communication with alumni especially with regards to council homecoming and charter anniversary celebrations.

What if members don’t transfer?
Some men may not immediately settle down in a new community after graduation because of a rotational job, a year of service, or because of a local job and they may wish to remain members of your council for a time. We recommend that any alumnus who wishes to maintain membership in his college council pay the next year’s membership dues in advance. No matter what choice he makes, you should ask him for updated contact information, including a non-school e-mail and mailing address.

Celebrate Your Council’s Graduates
Your council’s graduates have worked hard for their degree and they have a lot to celebrate. As the council prepares for its year end celebrations, it should consider a way to honor its graduating members. Some college councils have hosted dinners in their honor and given gifts, such as Knights of Columbus graduation stoles which can be worn at commencement. Make sure your council finds a unique way to thank your graduating members for their contributions to the council and greater campus community.

Only if members feel valued at all levels will they choose to give of themselves as Knights after college. This requires the Supreme Council staff and local Knights of Columbus leaders to work together. Contact us if there is anything we can do to help you with this effort.