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What is the Supreme Chaplain's Monthly Challenge?

Each month, Archbishop William Lori – Supreme Chaplain of the Knights of Columbus – selects a brief passage from the Gospel reading of one of the Sunday Masses of the month.

Archbishop Lori shares a brief reflection on the passage and issues a challenge for men to live for the month.

The next month, men undertaking the challenge as a group gather and share their experiences living the challenge.

The Supreme Chaplain’s Monthly Challenge is ideally done during monthly Knights of Columbus meetings, but can be done in a separate group or individually.

By taking up the Supreme Chaplain’s Monthly Challenge, men take direct, concrete action to grow in their faith and help their brothers do so as well.

This Month's Challenge

October 2019

“For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.” (Gospel for Oct. 27, Lk 18:14)

We live in the age of the selfie, in what the writer David Brooks has called the culture of “the Big Me.” Such a culture constantly urges us to “exalt” ourselves, but as Christians we need to be radically different by striving for humility. This means coming to terms with our pride, our desire for “likes,” approval and recognition. As Mother Teresa put it, “It is in being humble that our love becomes real, devoted and ardent.” Surrounded by the message to exalt ourselves, may we instead seek to humble ourselves and demonstrate real love to others.

Challenge by Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William E. Lori:

This month, I challenge you to kneel before a crucifix each morning and ask Christ to give you the gift of humility. I also challenge you, in this month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, to pray the rosary (either as a council through the Faith in Action Rosary program or as an individual) for an increase in humility.

Questions for Reflection:

What are some ways you can grow in humility? How can you strengthen your resistance to the lure of others’ praise and the sting of their criticism? Did the act of humbling yourself before Christ on the cross teach you anything about how to be humble?

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The Supreme Chaplain’s Monthly Challenge for the month will be available in a number of places:

  • Columbia
  • Knightline
  • Chaplain's Report
  • Knights of Columbus social media
  • Monthly email to Grand Knight and Chaplain

To conduct the Supreme Chaplain’s Monthly Challenge, during a Knights of Columbus meeting (ideally during the Chaplain's Message or the Grand Knight's Report) or other gathering:

1) Open with the Sign of the Cross and perhaps a brief prayer.

Example Opening Prayer: Come Holy Spirit. We thank you for guiding our lives and pray that we may have the courage exemplified by Venerable Fr. McGivney to live our faith to the fullest through our council, our families and in society. May our words today give glory to your Sacred Heart and if we struggled this past month in living our faith, help us to never stop turning to you and always try again.

2) Re-read the Supreme Chaplain's Monthly Challenge from the previous month.

3) Open the floor for discussion on what it was like to try and live last month's challenge. Every month has a number of Questions for Reflection that may help facilitate discussion. Don't worry about what order the men speak in or if there is silence in between men speaking. Not everyone has to speak and it is not a problem if the discussion is brief. Men are welcome to comment on others’ contribution to the discourse.

4) When finished, read the Supreme Chaplain's Monthly Challenge for the next month.

5) End by asking if there are any intentions and close with prayer and the Sign of the Cross.

Example Closing Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank you for this time together with our brothers. We ask you to have mercy on all those people and intentions we prayed for. Give us the perseverance to live next month's challenge and to remember that we are united with our brother Knights around the world in doing so.