Office of Youth Protection

Knights of Columbus Reporting Protocol >
(1) Report suspected abuse to law enforcement;
(2) Notify the local diocese of the suspected abuse; and
(3) Notify the Knights of Columbus of the suspected abuse at
1-844-KOFC-SAFE (1-844-563-2723).

State Reporting Requirements >
How to report abuse in your state.

Protecting Our Children: A Family’s Response to Sexual Abuse, a new video produced by the Knights of Columbus, offers families a deeply personal – and profoundly practical – account of how one Knight and his family addressed their son’s abuse by a close family friend. The video presents parents with the scope and scale of the risks families face from sexual abuse in today’s society and provides them with knowledge and concrete steps they can follow to help keep their children safe.


The Knights of Columbus Office of Youth Protection works collaboratively with dioceses to fulfill our shared mission to protect minors and vulnerable persons. Our cooperative approach toward diocesan safe environment programs is expressed in our guidance to council leaders concerning member compliance with diocesan safe environment requirements. The first requirement of our safe environment program is for our members to be compliant with diocesan safe environment requirements applicable to members’ volunteer activities on parish property. We invite diocesan safe environment coordinators and victim assistance coordinators to contact us directly with all questions and concerns that relate to the Knights of Columbus.

The Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program is operated in conjunction with PRAESIDIUM, which specializes in preventing sexual abuse in organizations that serve youth and vulnerable adults. Our online training modules cover sexual abuse awareness and prevention, reporting, and policies, and are available to all our members, but required for members volunteering in key leadership roles. Members volunteering to serve in key leadership roles are also required to complete a screening process, including a robust and comprehensive background check.